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Animal health

Livestock for slaughter at KMC are sourced from disease-free areas where farms or areas of origin are not under quarantine of any notifiable disease. Procurement procedure will adhere to the following:

Must Have

  • Animals MUST BE free from any infectious or contagious disease and free from ticks.
  • The animals are vaccinated against foot and mouth disease A’,O’ SAT11 not less than 21 days and not more than 6 months before movement.


  • The animals are mouthed for foot and mouth disease not more than 24hrs before movement.
  • For the animals coming from or passing through non CBPP districts they must be branded and must not be walked through CBPP areas


  • The animals must be accompanied by a valid movement permit to KMC
  • All animals must be delivered in trucks and must be off-loaded in the presence of a veterinary officer.

All livestock delivered to KMC undergo stringent examinations and must be passed by veterinary authorities as healthy. They are clinically inspected and further ante mortem inspections are carried out before the animals are released for slaughter.

The KMC slaughter process ensures post mortem inspections are done and hygiene measures are put in place in order to ensure quality products as per international standards.


A traceability system shall be established to ensure livestock are located from the source through the slaughter process and to the market up to the consumer. Livestock identification shall be done by use of boluses, ear tags and branding.

The Ministry of Livestock Development shall spearhead this endeavour by approving the mode of traceability to be adopted in production areas. During processing and marketing KMC has ensured an efficient and effective product recall and withdrawal system and procedure is in place in the event the need to recall any products arises.