The Vision
To be a preferred world class meat and meat products processor.

KMC Background

The Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) was formed in 1950 through an act of parliament with an objective of providing a ready market for livestock farmers and providing high quality meat and meat products to consumers.

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Strategic Objective

To formulate and successfully implement turnaround strategies in the commission with a view of boosting operations geared towards the attainment of competitive advantage in order to ensure the commission’s survival and profitability.

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In Cognizance of the commission’s mandate (Laws of Kenya CAP 363) KMC shall consistently purchase quality livestock, process efficiently into high quality meat and meat product and develop sustainable market while ensuring prudent financial management for financial sustainability …..

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The Mission
To procure, process and market high quality meat and meat products at competitive prices using efficient, effective and environmentally friendly systems to the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

Core functions of the Commission
Procure quality livestock

Kenya Meat Commission procures all its raw materials for its processes with due consideration of high quality standards at all times.

Process and Pack

Process and pack high quality meat and meat products;

Market Meat & Meat products

KMC has all it takes to domestically meet market demands by servicing its customers with high quality meat and meat product at competitive prices

Maintain sound
Financial Systems

Maintain sound financial systems for commercial viability

R & D

Research and development (R&D) includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services

Our Partners

Our Franchise Partners

KMC Headquarters
KMC Landhies Road Depot
KMC Mombasa Factory
Sales Department:
Livestock Department