Our product range

Whole carcasses

Whole carcasses of beef, lamb and goats of all grades

High Quality Prime Cuts

High quality prime cuts such as T-bone, Rump steak, Sirloin steak, Top side, Fillet, Silverside, Rib eye, and many more.

Value Added

Value added products such as meat balls, beef burgers, stir fries, beef cubes, minced meat both lean and ordinary, sausages etc.

Canned Products

Canned products such as corned beef, ox-tongue and pet food


By-products such as meat and bone meal, hides and skins, blood meal, horns, hooves, and tallow.Offals such as liver, tripe, kidneys, etc.

All products are natural (organic) with no preservative/ additives with slaughter process being in line with Halal practices. KMC products are also ISO22000:2005 and KEBS certified.